Sony XAV-AX3200 Head Unit

$599.00 incl GST

Enjoy smartphone connectivity including screen mirroring with WebLink™. An anti-glare 6.95″ (17.6cm) diagonal touchscreen wakes up right after turning on the ignition and gives you intuitive control over music, communications, and more. Newly added A/V connectivity allows you to hook up an external audio or visual source device.


Apple CarPlay integrates iPhone with the car audio’s display and controls, enabling users to make phone calls, access music, send and receive messages, get directions optimized for traffic and more while the driver stays focused on the road. Apple CarPlay now supports third-party navigation apps, so it provides even more choices to get to the destination. Learn more at
Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Android Auto is a simpler way to use a smartphone with the car’s display. With the Google Assistant on Android Auto, drivers can stay focused, connected and entertained, keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, while using voice to help with daily tasks. Learn more at
WebLink Cast – WebLink is a lightweight app delivery platform designed especially for in-vehicle use; using the Android or iOS device connection, it is now updated with a capability to mirror smartphone screen right on the car audio display – for reliable, responsive infotainment anytime on the road
Bluetooth® Through Bluetooth®, hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming available between your mobile device and the receiver with touchscreen phone book.
The brand-new 6.95” touch screen features ‘lighter touch’ operation with improved visibility.
The rear chassis is designed with single-DIN dimensions that gives enough rooms to store connected cable harness, steering wheel control box, etc
For future expandability, the 3-pre out connectivity allows you to build a full acoustic system including a subwoofer, a mono amplifier and 4-channel amplifier for even louder and powerful sound reproduction.
You can see the image of a connected rear view camera* when you shift the vehicle’s transmission lever to the R(Reverse) position or tap the Rear Camera icon in the home screen.
Easily change the wallpaper to the preset color choices or use a favorite JPEG image saved in a USB device


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